Review: Colorado – Rifle Falls and Rifle Gap State Parks

Rifle Falls State Park’s lush vegetation and waterfalls have attracted photographers and movie crews from around the country who come to capture the area’s unique scenery.   [ See our YouTube Video ] 

The falls is a lush area of trees and greenery kept moist by the spray of the cascading triple waterfall. Picnicking near the falls is very popular. Mysterious limestone caves beneath the falls entice spelunkers and other curious visitors to explore their dark depths. Because of its dramatic setting, many weddings and events have been held at Rifle Falls. We visited the park in July of 2018. Continue reading ‘Review: Colorado – Rifle Falls and Rifle Gap State Parks’ »

Scenic Drive: Colorado – Fish Creek Falls & Rabbit Ears Pass Scenic Byway


Fish Creek Falls

Fish Creek Falls is a waterfall located about 5 miles to the east of Steamboat Springs, Colorado in Routt National Forest. [ See our YouTube Video ] Fish Creek runs from several small lakes in the Rabbit Ears Range of Colorado. In the summertime, the road to Fish Creek Falls becomes often clogged in mid-afternoon with tourists wanting to see the 283-foot-tall (86 m) waterfall. It is possible to hike all the way to the terminus of the waterfall through giant boulders and rushing water. There are two hiking trails from the parking lot at the end of Fish Creek Fall Road. One is 1/4 of a mile (400 m) and goes through several Aspen groves with the occasional Subalpine Fir. It ends at a viewing station where the entirety of the falls can be seen. The other trail goes straight down into the U-Shaped valley formed by glaciers. As it nears the bottom of the valley, one can hear the rushing sound of water over the fall and see beautiful Fish Creek. Continue reading ‘Scenic Drive: Colorado – Fish Creek Falls & Rabbit Ears Pass Scenic Byway’ »

Review: Dixon Springs State Park

Located near Golconda Illinois, Dixon Springs State Park is small, but packs a lot into a small place. It offers camping, picnicking, hiking, group cabins with a shower house and even a modern pool complete with lifeguard and a 45-foot waterslide. Its central location makes it an excellent place to stay while exploring the Shawnee National Forest.

Cliffs and huge boulders line the small canyon valley alongside of a small creek that is central to the park. The hiking trails are quite nice, and lead to some very interesting rock formations that are creatively name like Ghost Dance, Pluto’s Cave, Rib Wrencher and Devil’s Workshop. Our favorite trail is the Bluff trail.

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Review: Lake Glendale Recreation Area

Located near Golconda Illinois, Lake Glendale Recreation Area’s location makes it the perfect hub for visiting Shawnee National Forest attractions. You will be surrounded by tall pines and hardwoods; there is even an 80 acre lake with a beautiful beach and concessions.


Lake Glendale offers a wide range of recreational opportunities including hiking, camping, swimming, boating, fishing and bicycling.

It is surrounded by several worthy natural and cultural attractions including: Continue reading ‘Review: Lake Glendale Recreation Area’ »

Review: Wayne Fitzgerrell State Recreation Area

Wayne Fitzgerrell is located north of Benton Illinois on the north end of Rend Lake. Whether your interests are hunting, fishing, boating, jet skiing, horseback riding, hiking, camping or picnicking, you will find it all right here.

Although we have only camped here a few times over the years this is a very popular camping mecca. We love the bike trails and abundant wildlife. We have seen our fair share of Great Blue Heron and an occasional Bald Eagle, tons of Deer, Wild Turkey, Pheasant and lots more. An evening ride is always exciting.

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Review: Cave-in-Rock State Park

Cave-in-Rock State Park is nestled on a bluff overlooking the Ohio River just east of the little town of Cave in Rock Illinois.  Although it is rather remote and isolated on the extreme southeastern edge of Illinois , we love this park. The park’s main attraction is a 55 foot wide cave that opens onto the Ohio River. When the river is not up, the cave is accessible via a trail along the riverbank. Note: There are many steps leading down to the river trail.

Settlers first discovered the cave in 1729 and it is mentioned in many diaries and accounts of those who passed down the Ohio to settle the area and beyond. The cave is infamous for the River Pirates that sometimes made it their home and famous for being part of the 1962 movie “How The West Was Won”.
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